HP Indigo and Bsecure have joined forces to combat counterfeiting - introducing GoSure, the machine-readable counterfeit protection solution developed for printing on HP Indigo digital presses. 


GoSure consists of two elements – GoSure security ink, formulated for printing on HP Indigo digital presses, and the GoSure authenticator, a convenient handheld verification device. 



GoSure - Machine Readable Counterfeit Protection

GoSure Benefits:

*  Level 3 machine-readable security.

*  Covert counterfeit protection (invisible).

*  Integrated seamlessly into any graphics.

*  Reliable and flexible security solution.

*  Bsecure, the security ink supplier, developed and provides the unique dedicated Authentication Reader     for customers.

*  Easy to use GoSure Handheld Reader for authentication in the field. 

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